Self-Study Program – M18PA – Blog Provocation 2

Goal 1

When I applied for a place to study on this MA one of the values I discussed in my application was my commitment to championing equality within the work I produce. In my experience, minority groups are grossly under-represented on stage, particularly in a positive light. This is something as an artist I’d like challenge and change. Whilst considering what areas of self-study and development I’d like to undertake, I came across this video, which has recently gone viral. In it British Actor Riz Ahmed condemns the arts for it’s under-representation of young muslims. He pleas with parliament to consider how this lack of representation and diversity on our screens could be linked to the increased radicalisation of young muslims.

My first goal is to research into theatre companies that champion equality and who make work to promote diversity and break the mould of under-representation in the arts.

Goal 2

Coming into this MA I would say that I have a moderate level of fitness. Although I am active, I have to admit, I do very little to focus on my physical development. I’m fortunate to have a relatively good level of natural fitness, but I’d like to be more conscious of my health and well-being.

For this reason, my second goal will be to commit to a daily strength and stamina training program. I will be undertaking TABATA style interval training workouts that are geared towards strengthening. I’ll record my progress to measure my development over the self-study period and beyond.

I like how Frantic use the track ‘Push Upstairs’ by Underworld as a measure in rehearsals to map progress of individual fitness. The track is 4 minutes and 36 seconds and and the company refer to an exercise that involves intensive cardio as 4:36. This exercise is undertaken daily and the track acts as a benchmark to measure the progress made. As rehearsals progress, this workout should become easier and the individual should be able to push themselves more and more. I aim on running to the track everyday and measuring the distance I am capable of achieving.

Goal 3

My final area of focus will be to see how I can apply ‘Building Blocks’ and the ‘Crooked Path’ approach to my own practice as an educational practitioner. Part of my role as a lecturer in a Higher Educational college involves me directing undergraduate work. I am just about to commence rehearsals for a production of Rose Lowenstein’s play ‘Darknet’ In it I imagine there to be some particularly physical sequences and I’d like to see if I can apply some of the learnings I have made from the Introductory Module within the rehearsal process.

I will document my attempt at applying this approach and reflect on the progress made in rehearsals.


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