M21PA – Future Thoughts – Reflection 2

Provocation 2 – Successful Artist Statements

So it’s fair to say the M21PA module has kickstarted some pretty hefty thoughts into the future. It’s made me consider the many pathways that are presently in front of me as an artist and its jolted me into questioning, which routes I want to explore and pursue.

In particular, lots of thoughts have been whizzing through my brain this week in regards to immersive theatre. I’ve attempted to make immersive work in the past and really enjoyed exploring the medium. Ive been thinking about what actually qualifies an immersive piece, as immersive? I realise that many have reservations about the genre, as there are so many cheap imitations and shoddy productions in quirky locations that label themselves as ‘immersive’ when in fact they are maybe just site-specific? I’m also interested in why there has been such a spike in the popularity of immersive work and why people crave something beyond the normal theatrical experience?

Ive also been thinking alot whether or not making immersive is something that I do? Or if it’s something that I want to do? Linking back to my takings from Percy Emmett’s symposium and the questions he implores artist to ask themselves.

Mindful of these thoughts and aware of this weeks provocation to research and reflect on artists statements, I decided to research into and focus on companies that specialise in creating immersive work.

In doing so I came across a company that I hadn’t heard of before called Theatre Rites.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 20.48.55

I appreciated how concise and clear the companies artistic statement was. Again, relating back to the questions Percy posed: What do I do? Theatre Rites, summarises this in their opening statement “Theatre-Rites is a field leader in the creation of experimental theatre for children” The other question, why should anyone care? Is addressed with the company identifying a need to raise production values and the standards of children’s theatre to be in line with adult productions. I really admire the values of the company, as I agree that children’s theatre can sometimes be seen purely as a ‘cash cow’ and a way to make a quick buck. This company has much more integrity, respect and holds faith in delivering a unique and high quality theatrical experience for its audience.

I’ll be sure to try and check out this companies work in the future! I was also well over awed by their trailer of work.

The second statement I discovered and admired deeply was produced by differencEngine who are another company that create immersive work. This companies statement is successful as it also conveys very clearly what the company do and what their differentiator is:

“Central to the company’s ethos is creating theatre that immerses a participant into a world where they are both protagonist & hero whilst exploring the boundaries of technology in performance.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 21.22.44.png

Another aspect I found successful, was how the stamens provided a clear narrative as to how the company arrived to where it is artistically. How its origins have shaped it’s course and influenced it’s trajectory. I think it’s important to let people know how an artistic outlook has been formed to help others understand an artists identity.



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